Monday, 26 January 2015

One Vote

One Vote

I pledge my support to a PDP led continuation of government next month. For the purpose of this support in form of an article, we stand for the truth, with the best known information available to us. Our main source of reason is common sense.

Other than history, why power is in the hands of this man Jonathan I cannot tell from this room, however what is correct is that recent history tell us a bunch of elderly men (wealthy men) from across Nigeria sat, and decided to allow authority to General Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999.

The General won and became the first ever to be a PDP national leader. Invariably meant he put a look on the face of “PDP” as an entity or an institution. The founders of the Party are however some notable Nigerians, but the commander-in-chief was General Obasanjo. He gave PDP a look, wore her first dress, henceforth PDP became what he willed; disobedient, oppressive, and annihilated the opposition. Olu Falae is barely in the prints. What next?

The General turned to within PDP and tore it apart, fought his vice with the might of his office, at this point there was Baba’s camp and V.P’s camp. Everybody knew whose camp all the juice was. At this stage there was hate and envy springing up everywhere. Full stop…

Now there was change of power, hands turned, likewise there was transfer of love & hate to successors of offices; adding up with processes of election/selection/appointment of The General’s immediate successor in office, President Yar’adua, his death and subsequent assumption of office by President Jonathan who then inherited all the hatred of a reduced “northern term” in power, with other issues that flow naturally as a result of succession.

The opposition is wealthy, they have access to front pages also, so they make a mountain out of trash, and sell such to us that are
fully settled in ignorance.

Boko Haram:
Your dailies have said it all, however I think it’s difficult to stop somebody who wants to kill himself, you are sending soldiers to kill able bodied young men and ladies who have resolved to die, all they are talking about is where and when; the how is a loud sound. What should the President do?

Nobody is seeing all those new electricity distribution cable points been erected as you travel across the states; how many planes do we have? or you were sleeping in the bus, or you were afraid of an accident you didn’t notice. But I guess you notice Onitsha-Abuja is almost dual carriage. Before I left a greater part of Victoria-Island was been wired, new electric poles are visible and workers are on ground. Ibusa-Asaba road is currently witnessing similar visible installation of distribution line projects.

It isn’t as if the opposition would not work, they may, but changing government is not advisable at this point, a new government will revoke all these contracts and projects, it will stall progress which is in itself slow to arrive at.

All those nepa transformers that blew up when we were growing up, that were never fixed nor replaced, what do you think happened? Is it President Jonathan that was the directors who raised invoices for repair/maintenance and proceeds channeled to pay school fees of some of our friends abroad, was that Goodluck Jonathan or his privy?

I have not felt any fresh air, at all, but I refuse to believe fresh air is far. Do not throw away the baby with the bath water, He didn’t cause PDP like this, he inherited it. Vote right.

Thank You.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

that's dat word!

Bros, lock-up, these streets and the people running them are mean; and they have targeted us. Their accuracy is 19. They just respond once and continue moving, nothing like 'how is your studies' anymore; even before you talk, they'll say 'you know these children just resumed'

But who can blame them, things are generally hard, and frowning. Man has done too much bad things that God can just allow things to be hard; straight, and just allow due process. nothing like miracle. because i think after this world, there will not be another world. Everything will just end, God will just free because present man has disappointed God deeply. During Noah, God started again, but this time i doubt; human being has really committed; as in, Lucifer is on a steady 'wow' as he is seeing man's doings.

God now reduced age after much fore-sight. no more 400 years or all those long years alive, nothing like that again. Imagine all the wicked things a person does before 40 years, then you add another 500 years for that person; then there will be no more bad things to do again.

We need deliverance in this our dear Nigeria, we need strong people to intercede and pray for hustle to set, and for times to smile. People that can hold the news from above; holy people. Because if angel should appear before me to instruct me not to fear, to lead the youth; before he says 'do not be afraid' i don run, problem go de if he re-appears at the door; because from there na faint. Straight. 'which kind light be dat?'

Or bros, maybe we need to live above the cloud; that powder-blue substance might just be hiding the sun then we feel darkness is prevailing. Finally, it's best to hold faith in God, and never settle for less; as for one, difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week. Just start it in your sleep.

Thank You


OBI MGBUKA (shattered heart)

Just when it's time to pen down stuff about you thoughts escape my head into the air, like oxygen through my depleted lungs, this further hallows my mind.
All of a sudden everywhere is quiet, severe loneliness, i can hear my thought; cemetery silence. There's no more talking in my head, and when there is, there's no reply.
All the smile on my face i have to force them, it's stopped forming naturally.

I wish i hadn't threw in the flag, i wish i kept lying i was fine. There was some joy in that despair. This state is harsh for my body to bear. Regardless how i hard i close my eyes, there your image is in front of my heart; like there is another eye that sees you clear inside.
The greatest pain in hell is the soul's inability to love, it's same here when love is not returned. As i write to ease the hurt, i realize the abysmal depth of the cut. The more i write, the more dynamic pain.
Evidently Mother nature put you in the advantaged end, without mercy in your dispensing of judgement as grave misery greet my soul; the harshness in your tone, the coldness in your eyes, your hastiness to say no. Sadly, not a reason of yours is cogent.

Eastern Nigerian girl, in sour ruins you leave me, over my shadowed, deflated self you provide more umbrella shade which permanently relegates me further away from light and plunged into sinking darkness.
Princess Fiona ndi Igbo, animated facial beauty, body used as prescription, for you i have gone mad and back, and i ask 'why was this type of passion made attached to womanhood?, why does sad feelings last long?' glass cuts sure don't feel this way. How can time heal pain, when day after day it seems like spraying cologne on fresh wound on that Okada exhaust pipe patch area.

Negative vibrations i constantly release, negative effects cloud my life's experience. Just get ready for punishment, because you have killed me.

Oh tears! kuku fall let me rest, my chest is full.


Monday, 13 January 2014


Destiny is the total sum up of life at the end of the journey. It is the equal to, which is gotten after the addition of life’s endeavor or ordeal. Destiny therefore, is arrived at, at the end of the tenure, or in the sincere interest of this conservation, Life. This point should be considered thoroughly, as there exist a conscious group who share a belief that a certain condition of life or standard of living is DESTINED for an individual or people.

You are alive now, so it is to your heart I am whispering these lines.

Nothing has been destined. Alive means you are still writing the journey through life, there is time to be and achieve, to break any lock, step over a limitation. You are alive means you can do it, you cannot, however, is not because you are poor, it is because you are lazy, and you Pass Opportunities Over Repeatedly. Thus, you are stupid.


There are many futures, the soothe-sayer sees but one. Eve had a choice; Adam had too, both decided of their free will to alter an already existing future, which was intended for utmost good. Owing to the uniqueness of earth, we have the privilege of flipping through futures as the seconds go by, as I said at our own free will. We have the ability to walk bright paths, to swim calm waters, if we decide to; but we have to walk towards bright paths, and stroll towards calm stream, that future exists.

Nothing natural is bad, even natural disasters because nature designed itself to use its departments to balance itself, and ensure its self-sustenance. Has any piece of rock complained of scorching heat? However visitor man is not comfortable with that arrangement, he feels differently. Birds do not say ‘heavy rains made landing impossible’. If one ceases to do productive work and takes to social undesirable, and subsequently degenerates mentally and becomes dangerous to self and society, that future exist also; conversely, if you plant a seed, and allow same seed to mature through fine and thorough nurture it will yield a good produce, that future exists too.

You decide what your future add up to, remember that there is abundant everything.
Earth is perfect as the creator saw it was indeed good, and the plan for all is of good.
Thewriters are trying to make it simple and out rightly explainable that the concept of destiny is solely a determination of man. Solely. and not a simple force from beyond control earth. You do. The power lies within you. Thewriters challenges us to liken earth to an egg. The egg has the entire sufficient requirement for the semi-soluble substance to form and produce a chick with no external effort, unless of course mother earth’s climate.

Picture having your hand on a pen, say BIC, permanently fixed on an eternal book drawing a line representing your journey that ends when you die; because, that is when the pencil will then be taken. PENCILS UP! Therefore, you do not make any corrections. When there was firmness in your grip, and the thickness of the ink revealed will be held up against when there was weariness or loosened tenacity with faded lines.

You are the main character in your movie, and thus, Every man will account for every hour. That excuse of I did not multiply my talent because God did not favor me will not be admissible, as God did not whisper that. Go to farm in the sun, then vision is fair.

Seek God.

Thank You.


MisPlaced PrioritiES

Misguided by the loudest voice, blinded by the brightest light, eluded by the finest color and also by the purest scent; there live since time-immemorial accounts of misappropriation of energy and time.

Man has used his ability of first born of earth to redirect credence from God. For the purpose of this discussion, we will treat three major accounts of misplaced priority.

The primary is to take thought of the body and all her attributes and neglect the soul. There is a lot of attention given to the body and the soul degenerates.

Secondly, we cloud our mind on earthly matters such as business, ambition, skills, money, and family and totally forget proper recognition of the source of all the wisdom behind all these things.
Sin of omission.

Lastly, we plan earth alone, and how to make it here, omitting to remember this earth is just a passage, like a channel. Like NYSC, I mean some mandatory period of activities to make one ready for some task or endeavor. This is the worst case as there is loud weeping.
Sin of ignorance.

As beings on our level of consciousness, we can be separated into two. The ‘us’ people can see, and that ‘us’ alive in invisible form. The former called the body, and the latter termed the soul. From where life comes, is not clear, what is unambiguous however is that it leads to either condemnation or eternal life. This is reality whether it is accepted or not.

Today’s man lives for the wrong reason. The intention behind man’s creation is solely to know God, serve God and to remain with God eternally.
The intention of multiplication was to have multiple sustained consciousnesses in unity and join in praise with the hosts of heaven to worship the Creator.

However, owing to the defection of a core part of the divine universal government, I mean a spirit of higher dimension referred to as Lucifer occasioned by greed, then pride, the plan world have remained the same. Little wonder we marvel at the dynamism and sophistication of modern man and modern sin.

The writer put greed before pride as the fallen angel preferred to be exalted as the creator was. This is evident in the in the way man make man god. This has caused all attention to shift from God. Wrong is forever sweeter and openly celebrated and widely applauded. The simple technique adapted over the centuries is the destruction of equality, as man is equal only before God and law, man is not equal before man because, man alone apply the law; as some men are greater that others. Therefore, man rises above man and demand man to bow before him; man he did not create. Man loves to be exalted, and praised by man he did not make or breathe life into, shifting attention from God.
NB. A jealous God.

I refuse to put my Obama on, and allow myself the ultimate tool to unite government and sin.

Thank You


Swim Good

Swimming in troubled thought, as I walk across the mall,
Like Paul, all my guilt glitter out of my mouth, pain got my mind against the wall.
Perhaps for my dark-on skin, which tones my wrongs on tint,
I would be walking shoulder low, broken, and chocking of my own stink.
Alternatively, to an artist to draw over my shame where cloths fail.
I think, am working with instinct.

Tear drops in disguise of Soda water,
Purchase of death stacked up in perfect order.
The chill in the beer serve as Firemen,
To appease the temper of a walking dead.
It is cold inside, means the end is near,
What is the size of my soul; I need me something to wear.

Hi boredom, Hello misery,
To my friends I salute and cheer.
In sacred despair, in torment, incurable burns,
I dwell in fear.
Uncertainty as to when or where, or where or when,
As it is anything, until it becomes something as regards the when or where.

Shrunken in black greed, Shylock I hail thee,
Constant self-denial and disregard of conscience
My fall I await indeed consequent of evil deeds
Grace of reproduction allow a dead seed a tree,
Grace of reproduction I channel a sinning spree.

The chain of evil around my neck,
wrist and ankles hold firm like the front locks of hell,
The rough edges burn and cause swell.
Vision is blurry; the weight pulls back,
The stench of rusty metal mixed with blood unbearable.
I see baby demon licking their thorny lips, awaiting devour of my remains.
Body and soul both thrown in utter anguish; both inseparable.

O sin! Knowing thy wage is demise, why then did thou embrace me?
Of what eternal plan have thou for me? Condemnation or life.
Swimming in troubled thoughts my heart soaked with splashing waters,
still I thrust, no brakes until my body lay still on earth’s crust,
or the proverbial return to dust

Thank You


Sex of Money

Why and how can conscience allow you for ages long consider, and hold thoroughly the notion that making money is a gender thing? We mean selling items like Ladies suit, Ladies tops, Ladies skirts, Brocade, Georges & wrist-watches, jewellery, accessories, a hair dressing saloon, cooking complicated dishes for purposes of selling them in canteens, at motor parks etc. are considered a woman’s type of business. Whereas, construction in areas of engineering, architecture; field work, real estate, oil & gas, as regards on-and-off shore are boldly considered, or psychologically reserved a masculine venture. Uncomfortable though, is that regardless of this write-up people would actually still consider money making a gender thing.

Similarly, we are astonished when we encounter men in businesses meant for ‘women’, like walking into Ismail’s signature saloon, located in one of the highbrow areas in the Federal Capital for the first time to realize all the hair stylists are a bunch heterosexuals (well maybe most) or seeing a female bus conductor, or truck driver that’s happily married with kids. I mean even in the military, we stare in utter amazement upon visual capture of a female soldier, and then next eye-stop is her chest, because it’s truly chest you’ll find.

‘…on my way home from work Thursday evening, I stood right in front of Unity bank building, Herbert Macaulay Way, CBD Abuja. I flagged-down a yellow Golf cab that drove towards me, and most noticeable was a woman driver, more controversial was a woman in the passenger’s seat, and both, with so much audacity in their voices repeatedly said in mixed Yoruba ‘area 3…enter, area 3…enter, abi you de fear?’ that was obviously my route, I applied the rule, and in three seconds I reached for the knob and went in. there was indeed a glaring smile on my face which both ladies noticed, and said ‘na only man de hustle?’ I kept the smile, but said nothing in reply. The other male passengers joined due to my influence and persuasion….’

My favorite cobbler, Fummi mended shoes to go through higher institution, and now has a couple of apprentices working for her with a vision of expanding it into a skill acquisition center for women. The first time I asked why she chose this business, she replied with a grin on her face, and waving a body depicting total feminism,said that besides having a lot of men flock around her, she had to think of fast and legitimate money rather than, also fast, but not moral and legal Prostitution.
Well, now she doesn’t mend shoes only, she has started her line of shoes, oddly, and beautifully enough is,its men only shoes you’ll find on the shelves.

It’s amazing that when it comes to making money people actually consider it a sex or gender affair. To make money, I believe you solely need to recognize your passion, and then spot on the opportunity when it arrives, finally,focus on how to run it. In all the businesses there are that generate wealth, be it Naira, dollars, pounds, or just any other currency that I’ve seen, never have I seen where its tagged men only.

How I choose to make money should not be classified by gender or sex. But who I AM.

This piece was written by Obekpa Christopher Abutu.